MuscleboyTdesigns art work was first launched in 2009 with a major exhibition in London’s top night club ‘Fire’ establishing it as a unique new concept in physique art of the male & female form. Beautiful canvas prints encrusted in glitters and Swarovski crystal, a mixture of photographic and abstract media, resulting in a unique blend of strength-meets-grace became a trademark of Anthony Chia-Bradley’s artistic works.

The launch of the art work coincided with Anthony starting his career as an international photographer rapidly establishing himself as a cutting edge photographer with his own brand and style.  Primarily basing him-self in the physique world, his life long passion, Anthony worked with world class athletes of the bodybuilding, physique & fitness industry. His art works can be found through out some of the major bodybuilding gyms in the United Kingdom and has sold works worldwide. Every piece created as a one-off bespoke, hand finished, signed, catalogued & dated as an original design.

Anthony became more focussed on his photography as he travelled the world experiencing some of the harsher sides of life, on his journeys and through his camera began to show the world his new found passion for photography and for the world around us. His constant belief in ‘Life as a journey’ culminated with the launch of his beautiful photographic book in November 2013 entitled ‘The Journey, The passion, The dream. An insight to the magic of his own personal journey through the camera and enhanced with some of his personal beautiful & moving poetry on life.

Anthony describes himself as a self taught photographic artist, his camera and computer his constant companions as he journeys the world.

When home, based in the suburbs of London Anthony has his own personal small studio where he brings to life his passion with some of the world’s most beautiful models.

Available for shoots worldwide please feel free to contact Anthony to arrange your own personal journey through the creative eyes of one of the UK’s established branded photographers MuscleboyTdesigns.